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We pride ourselves in offering complete solutions for medium to large gas installations for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We design and install gas systems to our customers’ specific energy needs. We also liaise with different gas suppliers and connect our clients with fit-for-purpose suppliers.

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Ayogas Pty Ltd is an energetic and innovative company that offers turnkey solutions for all your gas requirements. Ayogas specializes in the design and installation of medium to large domestic, commercial and industrial gas systems. We are qualified and experienced for liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and compressed gasses.

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Making use of gas for cooking and water heating hold direct benefits for home owners. Cooking with gas offers even, instant and controllable heat whilst being more economical. A gas water heater heats water on demand and does not require heating of water in a storage tank. It is thus more energy efficient compared to a conventional storage geyser.

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“Gas is set to be the fastest growing fossil fuel, as well as the cleanest, meeting as much of the increase in demand as coal and oil combined” (BP Energy Outlook 2035, February 2015). “Government’s Gas Utilisation Master Plan (Gump), Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) underline that gas is not only a substitutable alternative to coal, but could also evolve to become a substantial part of South Africa’s energy mix.” (Engineering News, July 2014, Moodley)

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