Benefits for Homeowners

Making use of gas for cooking and water heating hold direct benefits for home owners. Cooking with gas offers even, instant and controllable heat whilst being more economical. A gas water heater heats water on demand and does not require heating of water in a storage tank. It is thus more energy efficient compared to a conventional storage geyser.

Water heating and cooking makes up at least 29% of the energy demand for a typical household. And some research shows that it might even be as high as 50%. Making use of gas for cooking and water heating is a potential energy and cost saving opportunity.

LPG is also a much safer option that paraffin which is used often for cooking and water heating in low income households. Paraffin is highly volatile and releases toxins into the environment. LPG, on the other hand, is well suited for use indoors because it is inherently clean and burns without smoke or residual particulate matter.